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Well, I think that when you 8767 re really sick and you think you 8767 re going to die, you make a lot of different decisions to what you would when you 8767 re well. And archiving my work was a big part of that, because that 8767 s what you do you know, you 8767 re 85 years old and your time 8767 s coming, you make sure all of your stuff and your art is there, so your friends don 8767 t have to deal with it. That 8767 s a lot of what I was doing, so I had to look back at the past and kind of come to terms with it. In doing that it was really funny, you know, because you think that you keep everything in this kind of locked box, and then that 8767 s how you deal with it: 8775 That was then, this is now, and I 8767 m like a shark I 8767 m just gonna keep moving. 8776 I 8767 ve always been like, 8775 Okay, I 8767 m on to the next thing. 8776 I don 8767 t sit there and listen to my old records I don 8767 t watch myself performing, you know what I mean? I 8767 m just like, 8775 What 8767 s the next thing that I 8767 m gonna do? 8776 And through this archival process I 8767 ve had to actually stop and look at what I have done, and, you know, be proud of a lot of it and be ashamed of a lot of it and really kind of face it. And in facing it I was able to say goodbye. I 8767 m not the head of Riot Grrrl, you know I never was. Let 8767 s say goodbye to some of the toxic residue from that time, that I still maintain I sort of allowed to control my decisions. I 8767 m not that person anymore.

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W 6997 roku zespół Bikini Kill rozpada się. W 6998 roku przez Kathleen Hannah oraz Johanne Fateman zakładają zespół muzyczny Le Tigre. Zespół łączy różne gatunki muzyczne punk / electro-pop / New Wave , w kład zespołu wchodzą również . Samson oraz Sadie Benning. Teksty piosenek Le Tigre poruszały tematy związane z feminizmem , problemami społecznymi takimi jak rasizm i homofobia. Od 7555 roku zespół zaniechał działalności [6] .

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It has such an interesting history that movie, too, with the writer Nancy Dowd having her name taken off it 8767 cause she was worried about the final product. It 8767 s odd how her original intent survives in the movie, even though it was directed by a guy and mishandled by the studio.

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Později se stala členkou kapely Viva Knievel , s níž jela túru po Spojených státech předtím než se rozpadla. Na univerzitě začala spolupracovat se spolužačkou Tobi Vailovou , která byla vůdčí osobností jejího oblíbeného fan zinu Jigsaw.

Next, Hanna talks about Kurt Cobain, coming to terms with her Riot Grrrl past, her illness, and what she hopes is her legacy for a new generation.

Il primo lavoro di Hanna e Vail è una fanzine chiamata Revolution Girl Style Now. Più tardi daranno vita ad un'altra rivista, Bikini Kill , come risposta al sessismo della scena musicale punk. Le due, insieme a Kathi Wilcox e Billy Karren (già nei Go Team con la Vail), formano un nuovo gruppo musicale con l'intento di trasformare in musica i loro ideali. La band prenderà il nome della fanzine: Bikini Kill.


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Hannah Allyse May or Hanna Hallysem. Oregon/Idaho area. Had a blog, Earth Angel/Histoid that she shut down due to 4chan bullying her. PUNKCAST1801-02-03 Kathleen Hanna talks about 'Girls At The Front' at the book's release party, Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, Oct 2 2010.