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something else ive been thinking about is how the threat of adora&rsquo s death could be viewed in a not-so-literal way, more as a metaphor for the death of her soul. adora&rsquo s willingness to give up her desires and die for her &ldquo destiny&rdquo is analogous to the bible saying you have to &ldquo deny yourself&rdquo (Matthew 66:79), &ldquo crucify the desires of the flesh&rdquo (Galatians 5:79), &ldquo give your body as a living sacrifice&rdquo (Romans 67:6). like you have to die to self in order to find true happiness. but then catra shows her another way.. she tells adora you don&rsquo t have to deny your desires to be happy in life or to have real purpose. you don&rsquo t have to be christian to be happy. (ofc many people are both religious and gay, this is just noelle&rsquo s story).

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okay but like i feel like bitty makes a great point about locker room culture in his interview? because like, yes, samwell has a very accepting hockey team, but he&rsquo s very clear that that didn&rsquo t start with him. the samwell men&rsquo s hockey team was like that before bitty got there because a few people decided not to have any tolerance for bullshit. and that was the environment that *allowed* bitty to be out in the first place. the onus was not put on him as The Gay Kid to make their team more accepting. he didn&rsquo t have to call everyone out for casual homophobia. other players did that so that people like bitty would be comfortable on the team. which is how it should work.

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now think about this line in 5x58

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• Knowledge of Google Docs, iMovie, Canva, Trello, are a plus

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So, I guess she just, like, came out to me?

Loved it. Totally about best friend falling in love with semi straight best friend. Ending is sad, but hopeful.

Shoutout to all the African kids that brought in the new year reading the bible and praying with their family or in church. We survived all of the long ass prayers, we&rsquo re the real MVP&rsquo s.

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So. When I was in 5th grade. All my classmates had ganged up on me and called me a lesbian and I didn&rsquo t even know what it meant at the time. I even said &ldquo I&rsquo m Spanish. Not lesbianese&rdquo

African penguin chicks can hold themselves upright at about 6 days old, but they don't walk until they are 8 weeks old.

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What happens after Tanner is outed by his classmates and becomes the title "gay best friend" for three high school queen bees? Ankara Styles For Kids African Dresses For Kids African Babies African Children African Girl African Women Girls Dresses African Inspired Fashion...